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Tenugui Susanoo スサノオ

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Hanging roots

Tenugui Susanoo スサノオ


手拭い) is a thin Japanese hand towelcotton

Made in Japan

Susano-o or Susanowo (Japanese:スサノオ) is a god of the Storm and the Sea, and one of the most important dieties in Japanese mythology. He is also known for giving the gift of agriculture to humanity, and for being a more temperamental god.


After being thrown out of heaven, Susanoo descended to earth and found a sorrowful elderly couple who were about to sacrifice their eighth daughter to the monstrous serpent Yamato no Orochi by its demand. Susanoo immediately rushed to battle against the monster, but was beaten back. He returned to the couple with a plan, and first asked for their daughter's hand. They agreed to give Kushinada-hime to him as a bride, and the plan was put in action. Separating each of Orochi's 8 heads with a fence and baited with alcohol, each head of the monster soon passed out from drunkeness. Susanno then cut of each head and each tail to ensure the serpent would never revive. In one of the tails he found a sword, called Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi ("Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven").

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