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Print Yokozuna 横綱 by Jee Sayalero

€100.00 EUR

Yokozuna (横綱)is the highest rank in sumo. The name literally means "horizontal rope" and comes from the most visible symbol of their rank, the rope ( tsuna) worn around the waist. The rope is similar to the shimenawa used to mark off sacred areas in Shinto, and like the shimenawa it serves to purify and mark off its content. The rope, which may weigh up to 20 kilograms (44 lb), is not used during the matches themselves, but is worn during the yokozuna's dohyo-iri ring entrance ceremony.

As the sport's biggest stars, yokozuna are in many ways the public face of sumo and the way they conduct themselves is highly scrutinized, as it is seen as reflecting on the image of sumo as a whole. As of January 2017, a total of 72 sumo wrestlers have earned the rank of yokozuna.

Printed in the exclusive Hahnemühle Matte Fiber 200 gms.


Size: 80 x 33 cm.

Limited edition.

Production time: 2 days.

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