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Human Fly Tattoo

Book Bunshin Gassho Bon #3

€35.00 EUR

Volume 3 in Bunshin Gassho Bon series, 180+ pages of palm sized Japanese tattoo line work designs by 30 artists.

Artists include -

Adam Hathorn AKA Honkey Kong 
Alberto Balboa 
Alex Widell 
Ash Davies 
Beng Espiritu 
Bradley Tompkins 
Chad Koeplinger 
Craig Ridley 
Dan Sinnes 
Dave Swambo 
Fabio Gargiulo 
Gavin Rose 
Goshu Dan 
Iain Mullen 
Ichi Hatano 
Joe Chatt 
Joe Spaven 
Joel Soos 
Luca Ortis 
Matt Lambdin 
Marcus Maguire 
Max Stalhammar 
Rosie Evans 
Sam Layzell 
Sandor Jordan 
Tien Tien 

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