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Human Fly Tattoo

T-Shirt Basketball Oni by Diego Rodriguez for Hundred Demons

$40.00 USD

100% Poliester

Design by Diego Rodriguez @oonigumoo. 

Embroidery: B1 front logo and Hundred Demons back lettering.



Diego Rodríguez is a tattoo artist based in Madrid, Spain.
He has been tattooing for 11 years, starting his apprenticeship at the age of 18. Always fascinated by the japanese culture, he has focused his career to tradicional japanese tattooing, even though he’s is not Japanese, recognizes the value in how traditional tattooers managed to create tattoos that truly has the best lasting of all: “we are tattooers and our only real goal its to make our work last for ages, such things as style can not compromise the true function of tattoos, they have to last forever”.
Originally from Colombia, he came to Spain to continue learning and improving his path in tattooing about 5 years ago.


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