Koi Life: A Socks History

Koi Life: A Socks History

Koi Life: A Socks History



The life of Koi / kois life


The little koi was swimming with his family,

he decided to start a journey up river,

encouraged by his father’s tales,

The journey was long and the streams were strong,

But any of this could stop Koi,  he was fighter!

He reached a big waterfall that he had to leap,

Many of the fish turned back, but not Koi!

He tried over and over without success.

It was so tough! He gathered all his strength and courage and did a huge jump.

He made it to the top of the waterfall, there, the gods rewarded Koi turning him into a beautiful dragon fish.

From that day on, koi puddles happily the waters, lighting up darkness.


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