New SK5 Oriental Menagerie - Tattoo Drawings by Jee Sayalero

In recent years Jee has focused his studies and his imagination in creating their own style of oriental art. His fascination with the culture, the tattoo and Japanese art made he focused every effort on adapting the "illustrative" style that he was working on the traditional Japanese art.

As Jee say in SK5's introduction: "“Oriental Menagerie” is the name of a collection of drawings, sketches and Eastern artwork related to the tattoo world. It is the fifth book from the “Sk” compilation (SK5). Oriental Menagerie appears as a result of the Eastern’s Culture research I have carried out for the past few years... Oriental Managerie is a broad interpretation of what I perceive and is not a literal interpretation of the beliefs that are presented. I apologize if I change any facts or cause offense to anyone. In this compilation of images, I am driven by my own curiosity and enthusiasm."

In this introduction you can discover the artists who inspire Jee and over 232 pages that compose it you will appreciate a large selection of sketches, preliminary studies, art and many tattoos. In short, a must have!.


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