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Human Fly Tattoo

Book by Steph D.

€40.00 EUR

Steph D. from Octopus Tatouage - France

Steph Dé is one of the pioneers and most well-known artists of the New School in the world, being a reference for all tattoo artists. With background in animation, his works are unique, with a great sense of composition, use of color and an imprint of his own personal touch, which only tattoo artists as Steph can achieves.
This book shows us an exquisite selection of the best sketches, drawings and paintings of Steph, besides that most of the pieces are published with the final product of each design, the tattoo, being able to understand in this way how to gets the idea started in the paper to the tattoo, one of the most important and difficult aspects to achieves in this beautiful profession.

Size: 23x31 cms

100 pages

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